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Annette Zofia "The Speedy" Drewett, also known by some as Annette, has decided to take on a challenge that many of us who havent been in the water for a number of months will appreciate - swimming 101 lengths in the Captain Sir Tom Moore challenge.

Fighting against the elements, she will endeavour over an afternoon of hardship, grief and pain, to complete 101 lengths in support of our beloved swimming pool which is the home of swimming in Bovey Tracey. 

Friday 30th April is the day of reckoning, and she aims to complete it in under 101 minutes! 

Annette is no stranger to long distances, being a regular sea swimmer - however with all the lockdowns and having been busy supporting our NHS, she hasn't had much of an opportunity to get out!

If you would like to support Annette in taking on her challenge in her 65th year, please consider making a donation via our Wonderful fundraising page and leave a supportive comment on our social media posts!

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